'Vivid' has just opened at the Friedrichstrasse Palast in Berlin Germany. It is Europes largest stage and was completely redesigned for the 2018-2019 season.  Directors Krista Monson and Oliver Hoppman wanted a show unlike any seen before in the theatres 100 year history.

                                   ROBERTO BOLLE SHOW

Roberto Bolle and Rai Television invited me to design Robertos 2018 special broadcast on new years day. The show featured gueat stars Sting, Lil Buck, Marco D'Amore, Miriam Leone, and Tiziano Ferro 

roberto bolle.jpg

A Ballet production staged at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center. The production pays homage to the life and ideals of Pearl S. Buck, author and humanitarian. The show featured multiple layered projections and a 100 foot long 'river' of flowing water onstage.

Directed by Daniel Ezralow   Lighting by Christopher Akerlind


Carrie Underwood asked us to design both the 'Play On' and the 'Blown Away' tours.

The production featured four animated video walls that formed a sloping floor and walls capable of 'flying' apart in a tornado sequence..Part of the stage also detached to float over the arena audience. Directed by Raj Kapoor, Lighting by Peter Morse.


Shania Twain returned to performing at the Ceasars Palace Arena for a two year run.

The production included live horses, floating platforms and a flying 'horsecycle'.

Directed by Raj Kapoor, Lighting by Peter Morse.



Legendary hotelier Steve Wynn wanted a special water feature built into his flagship Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The Lake Of Dreams features a revolving series of multi media shows on and around a giant lake and backed by a tree-covered mountain. The Orbs are remotely controlled spheres that seem to dance across the water. Their movements are programmed to resemble Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a 1930′s style musical dance routine. The show enacts a flirtation, a romance, and a birth in this unique water ballet that is lit by underwater LEDs.

Conceived by Steve Wynn
Design & Choreography by Michael Cotten
Directed by Kenny Ortega
Lighting by Patrick Woodroffe



We were asked to create two shows for the Korean K-Pop production company YG entertainment. One was for the hit Girl Group ’2NE1′ the other for the first tour by the male star ‘G-Dragon’. Both shows toured Asia and the US, presented by Live Nation.


PRODUCTION DESIGN- Michael Cotten , Michael Byrnes - Directed by- Travis Payne, Stacy Walker

Video – Possible Video

Korean Team- Director - Mr Jung, Design - Youjam Studio, Production - Ryan Song

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